Electrical Installations for BAMBI

$5,500.00 raised from the goal of $5,500.00

During the beginning of 2020, Bambi International Foundation made a monetary donation to the project of the remodeling of a new home, Bambi 5 , that should be operating by late 2020. This new home will house 36 infants, ages 0-2 years, who are either abandoned or cannot be brought up by the parents due to dire social circumstances. The infants arriving generally have health problems due to pregnancies with no medical controls, malnutrition, absence of vaccines and pediatric control among others.

Bambi 5 will cover all the infants needs from food, clothing, health and a lots of love while working on restoring their fundamental rights in a home that will provide the specialized attention in warm and comfortable spaces.

The donation of $ 5.500, has been destined to the purchase of materials needed for the first phase of the electrical installations that are being carried out under all the established safety standards. With the support and alliances with other institutions we aim to have the home ready by the end of 2020.