Vehicle Donation

  • Our Goal – US$5,000.00 – REACHED! 100% 100%

In 2019 Bambi International Foundation supported Hogar Bambi Venezuela with a US$5,000.00 donation, for the purchase of a vehicle. This donation represented the total amount needed to buy the car.

Hogar Bambi is a Venezuelan organization located in Caracas that cares for approximately 155 children aged 0-18.

The acquisition of the car significantly improved Hogar Bambi’s ability to transport the children to the different medical appointments and services needed such as cardiology, ophthalmology, dermatology, laboratory studies, imaging for diagnosis and monitoring of medical conditions, surgery examinations, surgical procedures, emergency hospitalization, and psychological and psychiatric appointments.

Having this vehicle greatly facilitated the weekly fulfillment of the therapeutic and rehabilitation sessions required by the special needs of the children.

Hogar Bambi no longer has to rely on the logistics of public transportation that was very inefficient and limited the number of children that could attend the required medical appointments. The positive impact provided by the support given to this project is reflected by the quick response that can now be given to the medical appointments.